Volleyball Outside Hitter Drills

Outside hitter drills will focus on the outside hitter position.

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Latest Volleyball Outside Hitter Drills

Volleyball Drills

Hitting Drill: Turn-Go-Hit

This volleyball drill will practice defensive movements and transition into hitting from defensive movements.

Volleyball Drills

Defense: Touch Ten!

This drill will teach aggressiveness while playing a defensive position.

Volleyball Drills

No Easy Points! Serve Receive

This drill is to practice serve receive, and understand the importance of a good pass!

Volleyball Drills

Ball Control: 25 Contact Drill

This drill is to practice ball control, communication, teamwork, and warm up for hitting.

Volleyball Drills

Offense vs. Blockers

This volleyball drill will practice hitting against the block and transitioning off the net.

Volleyball Drills

Offense Kill Drill

This drill will practice the importance of terminating the ball by a hitter (getting a kill).

Volleyball Drills

Endurance Hitting Drill

This high energy drill focuses on blocking, attacking, and endurance!

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Hitting: Bucket Ball

This drill practices effective roll shots to a specified target.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Defense: Touch Ten

This volleyball drill will teach the defensive player to be aggressive and ready to move.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball: Passing Free Balls to Setter

This volleyball drill helps players understand proper movement for free ball transition, when passing to the setter.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball 24 Touches - Ball Control

This drill is to practice ball control as a warm up to hitting, while working on communication and teamwork between players.

Volleyball Drills

Quick Setter Transitioning Drill

This fast paced drill is to teach the setter how to quickly transition to the net.

Volleyball Drills

Serve Receive Transition to Hitting Drill

This is a great drill for players to work on serve receive and hitting at the same time.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball 3v3 Drill - Reading the Block

This volleyball 3v3 drill is great to teach your offense how to read and react to the defense. Players are forced to read whether the defense has blockers and must react to each scenario.

Volleyball Drills

3 Player Down Ball with Movement

This volleyball drill focuses on hitting a down ball to a specific area after a series of touches.

Volleyball Drills

Line Hitting Drill

This volleyball hitting drill focuses on hitting down the line as well as getting into a passing rhythm setting up the shot down the line.


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