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Pepper drills have a lot of touches and are great for teaching ball control.

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Latest Volleyball Pepper Drills Drills

Volleyball Drills

Two Way Pepper

This drill is to practice ball control over the net while keeping players focused on where the volleyball is coming from.

Volleyball Drills

4 x 2 Pepper Drill

This drill will help practice ball control using different types of contacts.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball - 2 Player Pepper Drill Multiple Hits

This pepper drill is great for working on ball control as it works on a variety of contact types.

Volleyball Drills

Triangle Pepper Drill - Over the Net

This volleyball pepper drill will focus on the rhythm of passing, setting, and hitting over the net to a specific target.

Volleyball Drills

Over the Net Pepper Drill

This warm-up will focus on ball control of a ball coming over the net. This volleyball drill will focus on digging, setting, and returning a controlled ball to their partner on the other side of the net.


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