Volleyball Serving Drills

Serving drills focus on all aspect of serving for accuracy.

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Latest Volleyball Serving Drills

Volleyball Drills

Passing: Middle or Lateral

This volleyball drill will practice decision making between lateral and inside the body passing.

Volleyball Drills

Serving: Bombs Away!

This drill will help practice short serves.

Volleyball Drills

Serve Receive with 2 Servers

This drill is to encourage passing short serves from a short position.

Volleyball Drills

Run the Middle!

This drill focuses on hitting middle out of serve receive.

Volleyball Drills

No Easy Points! Serve Receive

This drill is to practice serve receive, and understand the importance of a good pass!

Volleyball Drills

Serve Receive Lines

This drill will allow players to practice serving straight across the court and also help with serve receive.

Volleyball Drills

Sideout or Lose

This volleyball drill will emphasize the importance of first swing sideouts.

Volleyball Drills

Reverse Sideout Game

This drill will practice running the offense out of serve receive with emphasis on termination.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Hitting: Bucket Ball

This drill practices effective roll shots to a specified target.

Volleyball Drills

Short Serve Competition

This drill focuses on serving short, inside the ten foot line.

Volleyball Drills

Vollebyball Jump Serve Up/Down

This drill will help players learn to jump serve from the end line when serving to a target area.

Volleyball Drills

Individual Serving Relay

This volleyball drill will practice serving accurately and getting to a base position as quickly as possible.

Volleyball Drills

Double Block Attacking Drill

This blocking drill teachers players how to face a double block.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Serving Around the World

This drill allows players to practice serving to all six zones of the court.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Serving Relay

This drill allows players to serve while under "game like" pressure.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Ball Control: Two person Four Square

This volleyball drill increases accuracy in down balls to desired locations while also increasing communication skills between players.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Back Row Attack: Ping Pong

This ball control drill is designed to teach the pass, set, hit tempo from behind the volleyball ten foot line.

Volleyball Drills

Quick Setter Transitioning Drill

This fast paced drill is to teach the setter how to quickly transition to the net.

Volleyball Drills

Serve Receive Transition to Hitting Drill

This is a great drill for players to work on serve receive and hitting at the same time.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Double Serving Game

This volleyball drill teaches the importance of trying your best for every point and trying to get every ball!

Volleyball Drills

Serving Corner Killer Drill

This drill focuses on serving to the corners of the opposing court.

Volleyball Drills

12 Ball Wash Drill

This drill teaches back row attacking and how to defend back row attacks.

Volleyball Drills

Warm-up with Wall

A warm-up time for each player to warm up arms and shoulders before practice begins and at the same time be working on basic skills and ball control.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Corner Serving Drill

This volleyball serving drill focuses on serving accuracy to the corners of the court.

Volleyball Drills

Serving with Partner

This is a great drill to teach players how to serve to a specific person or position.

Volleyball Drills

Serving to 21

This is a great serving drill to teach players to serve to a specific zone.

Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Serving Drill - Ten Zones

This volleyball serving drill will put pressure on the server to concentrate and make an accurate serve.


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