Volleyball Warm-Up Drills

Warm-up drills are used to start the training session.

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Volleyball Drills
Perfect Passes
This drill is to practice passing multiple repetitions, staying low and shuffling.
Volleyball Drills
Passing Technique Warm up
This drill demonstrates how to practice moving in a low position and directing the platform to the target.
Volleyball Drills
Passing: Pass and Move!
This drill will practice moving left to right and passing.
Volleyball Drills
Pass and Weave
This volleyball drill helps to practice moving left to right and passing, while staying in a low position while moving to the ball.
Volleyball Drills
Two Way Pepper
This drill is to practice ball control over the net while keeping players focused on where the volleyball is coming from.
Volleyball Drills
Cross Court Pepper
This warm up drill practices ball control over the net with a partner.
Volleyball Drills
Ball Control: 25 Contact Drill
This drill is to practice ball control, communication, teamwork, and warm up for hitting.
Volleyball Drills
Ball Control with Back Row Attacks
This drill is to practice back row attacks to desired locations as well as increase communication skills.
Volleyball Drills
Tag Team Warm up
This is a good running warm up for teams with large numbers of players.
Volleyball Drills
Back Row Running Warmup
This drill is good for warm up while practicing communication and ball control.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Partner Pass and Down Balls
This drill will practice using and controlling a down ball.
Volleyball Drills
Free Ball Transition and Catch
This drill teaches proper movement for free ball transitions.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball 24 Touches - Ball Control
This drill is to practice ball control as a warm up to hitting, while working on communication and teamwork between players.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Footwork Drill
This drill will focus on all the necessary footwork to be a middle hitter and blocker.
Volleyball Drills
4 x 2 Pepper Drill
This drill will help practice ball control using different types of contacts.
Volleyball Drills
3 Skill Pepper with Partner
Advanced pepper game where players pass and set to themselves before down balling it to their partner.
Volleyball Drills
Warm-up with Wall
A warm-up time for each player to warm up arms and shoulders before practice begins and at the same time be working on basic skills and ball control.
Volleyball Drills
Middle Back Defensive Positioning and Movement
This defensive drill focuses on the middle back player's movement around the back of the court.
Volleyball Drills
Partner Forearm Passing Drill
This partner forearm passing drill works on perfecting the forearm pass in partners. In this drill, one player is working while the other player is only responsible for throwing the ball to the working player.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Corner Serving Drill
This volleyball serving drill focuses on serving accuracy to the corners of the court.
Volleyball Drills
Individual Setting Drill
This is a individual volleyball setting drill that focuses on setting ball control and overhead passes. This setting drill can be performed at home or during training.
Volleyball Drills
Individual Forearm Passing Drill
This is a individual passing drill that is intended to focus on learning the forearm pass and ball control with the forearm. This is a drill that can be done at home or in the gym during training.
Volleyball Drills
Line Setting Drill
This beginner setting drill will focus on the setter squaring their bodies up to their target. This is a great small group drill for beginners to work on setting with a partner.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Passing Run Through and Short Pass
This is a great warm up drill that focuses on correct passing form when running cross court or short.
Volleyball Drills
Serving with Partner
This is a great drill to teach players how to serve to a specific person or position.
Volleyball Drills
Circle Passing Drill
This is a basic warm up drill for players to learn ball control while passing.
Volleyball Drills
3 Player Down Ball with Movement
This volleyball drill focuses on hitting a down ball to a specific area after a series of touches.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Ball Control with Movement
This is a great drill to focus on ball control and movement on the court.
Volleyball Drills
Long Distance Back Setting Drill
This setting drill will focus on the techniques surrounding back setting at long distances for accuracy and control.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball - 2 Player Pepper Drill Multiple Hits
This pepper drill is great for working on ball control as it works on a variety of contact types.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Set and Switch Drill
This is a great volleyball setting drill that focuses solely on the overhead pass.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Pass and Move with Simulated Blocks
This is a great passing drill that focuses on good passing technique as well as movement after the pass.
Volleyball Drills
Volleyball Serving Drill - Ten Zones
This volleyball serving drill will put pressure on the server to concentrate and make an accurate serve.
Volleyball Drills
Cross Court Setting Drill
This volleyball setting drill focuses on cross court setting and delivering a hittable set.
Volleyball Drills
Over the Net Pepper Drill
This warm-up will focus on ball control of a ball coming over the net. This volleyball drill will focus on digging, setting, and returning a controlled ball to their partner on the other side of the net.
Volleyball Drills
Setting and Overhead Passing Warm-up
This volleyball setting and overhead passing warm-up focuses on setting and passing with the overhead pass. This is a great setting drill that focuses on movement after the pass and looking for open areas of the court.

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