Volleyball Ball Control with Movement

Volleyball Ball Control, Warm-up, Drill - This is a great drill to focus on ball control and movement on the court.

This is a great drill to focus on ball control and movement on the court.

  1. Start with 3 target players spread out along the net with a ball each.
  2. Set ploy markers in front of each target player about 10 feet from the target player, and along the end line.
  3. The remaining players start at the server position.

  1. The first player in line at the server position sprints forward towards the target player in front of them.
  2. When he approaches the marker the target player throws a ball that is returned by the working player.
  3. The working player then shuffles to the middle cone, the target player throws a ball to them, and they return it to that target player. 
  4. They then backpedal to the cone behind them along the end line, touch the cone, and sprint diagonally to the 3rd target player.
  5. The target player tosses the ball to the working player who returns the ball to this target player.
  6. Once the ball is returned, the working player sprints around the outside of the court and returns to the line.
  7. Switch the target players after a few minutes.

  • Modify the contact type: setting, bumping, tomahawk, spike.
  • Have the target players not catch the ball, but make contact so that the next working player can start and move through the course without dropping the balls.

Coaching Points
  • Proper technique for each of the contact types
  • Quick movement

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