2 Player Down Volleyball Passing Drill

Volleyball Passing, Setting - This is a fun passing drill to teach players how to quickly move and pass a ball to a specified target.

This is a fun passing drill to teach players how to quickly move and pass a ball to a specified target.


Volleyballs for coach to toss

Two lines of players in middle back

First two players on their stomachs with eyes down


The drill starts with two lines of players in the middle back area of the court.  The first player in each line starts on their stomach looking down at the ground.  When the coach signals (a slap of the ball, whistle, etc) the players quickly get to their feet in ready position and calls the tossed ball, then passing it to the target. The player who passed the ball, shags the ball and returns to the end of the shortest line. The player who did not pass, gets back down and ready for the next turn.  Have the player stay until they pass. When they pass, they shag and return to the line.  Players should be encouraged to call the ball!


To take it to the next level, have the players on their belly turn around to where they are facing the line of waiting players. This makes it harder for them to hear the signal, jump up, and find the ball before having to make a pass.

You can also run this drill by having the first player who passes the ball to pass it straight up in the middle of the court, then the second player should then pass it over the net.  TEAMWORK.

Coaches can also run this drill by hitting down balls at the players when they are in ready position.

You can also have the first one to pass the ball using their arms, and then have the second player do an overhead pass to incorporate both skills.

Coaching Points

Coaches are watching for correct form. Players should be able to move and position themselves to where their shoulders are facing the target.

Coaches also need to make certain the players are calling the ball loud, talking, using teamwork skills.

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