Circle Passing Drill

Volleyball Passing, Setting, Ball Control - This is a basic warm up drill for players to learn ball control while passing.

This is a basic warm up drill for players to learn ball control while passing.

Players make a circle with plenty of space between each player.  Only one volleyball is needed, but it's good to keep a ball cart of volleyballs close by in case they are needed. Coach can be the "Counter" who is in the middle of the circle. They are also the target for the players to pass the ball to.  

Players get in a medium to large circle with one person being the "Counter" in the middle of the circle. The coach can also be the "Counter" to start off, to demonstrate to the other players how to run the drill.  The counter tosses the ball to a player, that player passes is right back to the counter...who then passes it to another player in the circle.  It should keep going passer to counter, passer to counter until the ball hits the ground.  The counter is counting how many passes in a row the team can get.  When the ball hits the ground the counter starts over at zero.  The counter is allowed to use the set (overhead pass), tip, anything they need to keep the ball in play.  
For younger girls, you can use the letters of the alphabet instead of counting by numbers. Encouraging them to make it all the way from A to Z.
For more advanced, allow the players in the circle to pass or set.  The coach can also say the player needs to pass to self, then set to Counter in the middle, really working on ball control.

Coaching Points
Have players call the ball.
Coach needs to spread the ball around, may even set backwards, tip sideways, etc..

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