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Volleyball Serving Drill - This is a great serving drill to teach players to serve to a specific zone.

This is a great serving drill to teach players to serve to a specific zone.


Explanation of 6 serving zones, may want to have polyspots as a visual guide.

With  younger players, tape numbers on zones and a dividing line to teach different areas.

Have players all on one side of the court at the serving line. Each player should have a volleyball.  Coach explains that there are six serving zones. (1 to 6) Players are to serve to any zone by gaining that zone's number as their "points." A player needs exactly 21 points to complete the drill. The zones are: right back (server) -1, right front - 2, middle front - 3, left front - 4, left back - 5, middle back - 6 .  For example, if a player serves a good serve to zone 4, they gain four points.  If on their next serve, they serve a good serve to zone 6, they now have 10 total points. They continue until they have exactly 21 points.

Coaches can make the drill shorter or longer depending on the number of points they want their players to reach.

Can make a "BUST" rule if a player serves the ball out of bounds or into the net, they "bust" and must start back over with zero points.

Players can serve with a partner. Both working towards the same point goal and sharing points.

Coaching Points

Encourage more advanced servers to jump serve to gain points or make their goal total higher then others.

Allow younger players to serve at a closer line then the serving line to make them successful.

Help the players follow through on their serve to see if they are doing a good job by serving to the zone they are aiming for.

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