Serving with Partner

serving - This is a great drill to teach players how to serve to a specific person or position.

This is a great drill to teach players how to serve to a specific person or position.

Pairs of players, each sharing a volleyball

Players choose a partner and get on separate sides of the net across from each other.  Depending on ability, depends on where they start from.  With younger girls, I would have them start at the ten foot line.  One players serves to their partner who is directly across from them on the other side of the net.  That player in turn, catches the serve and serves it back to the first partner.  When a player has served a designated amount of good serves, they take two large steps backwards and continue the drill.  This allows each partner to work at their own pace.  Some will make these serves easily, and continue to step backwards to the Serving line, where another player may be working on their own serve closer up to the net.  This allows each and every player to be successful at their own level and pace. 
For more advanced players, partners may pick a spot to stand on the opposing court and let the partner with the ball try and serve to them.  They can continue to move around the court so that the partner serving has a different aim each serve. 
They can also keep score as to how many serves they can catch without moving their feet and just reaching for the catch.

Coaching Points
Serving form is important in this drill. Making sure the stance is correct and serving arm is pointed to the target they are aiming for.
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