Free Ball Transition and Catch

volleyball free ball, transitions, positions - This drill teaches proper movement for free ball transitions.

This drill teaches proper movement for free ball transitions.

1.  6 players on the court in their defensive bases (positions)
2.  Coach tossing in free balls

1.  Coach signals free ball (whistle, slap of the volleyball, yells "free ball")
2.  Players transition off the net to their free ball positions
3.  As players are moving, coach tosses the free ball over the net to one of the positions where the players should be standing
4.  Players in that position catches the ball
5.  Return to base position and repeat
6.  After a set number of repetitions, the front row players rotate off, the back row players rotate to the front row, and three new players rotate on to the back row positions

1.  Can add a pass back over the net instead of a catch when players learn correct transitions
Coaching Points
1.  Watching for correct footwork when transitioning
2.  Players should be calling the ball
3.  Setters should be calling "Free ball"

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