Run the Middle!

middle hitter, passing, hitting, serving, setting - This drill focuses on hitting middle out of serve receive.

This drill focuses on hitting middle out of serve receive.

  1. A server on one side of the net with one middle blocker
  2. Three passers on the opposite side with a setter and a middle hitter

  1. Server serves the ball over the net and in.
  2. Middle hitter transitions into position to hit.
  3. Serve receive passers pass ball to setter.
  4. Middle Hitter calls for set and approaches.
  5. Setter sets the Middle Hitter.
  6. Middle Hitter attacks.
  7. Blocker attempts to block.
  8. Repeat until Middle Hitter gets a preset number of good hits, over the net, hard and in.
  9. Middle hitter and middle blocker switch.

  • Alternate middles with each swing (for teams with more than 2 middles).  Middles Hitters will hit, then block, then wait, then repeat

Coaching Points
  • Making sure that middle hitters are calling the set they want in plenty of time for the setter to react
  • Encouraging passers to focus on a perfect pass to the setter

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