Serving: Bombs Away!

serving, passing, defense - This drill will help practice short serves.

This drill will help practice short serves.

  1. Three servers on one side of the court
  2. Three passers on opposite side on the end line

  1. Server attempts to serve as short as possible without making an error into the net.
  2. Passer starts on end line when serve is contacted the player runs and tries to catch ball before it hits the ground.
  3. Server gets 1 point for every ball that lands without the passer being able to catch it.
  4. Passer must run back to the end line.
  5. Repeat for a set amount of time, 2-3 minutes.

  1. Add a target and have the passers attempt to pass the ball.  Passers stay until they get a set number of passes to the target.  Go in groups or individually.
  2. Have two passers per server behind the end line and let the servers serve rapid fire, count to 3 or five between serves.

Coaching Points
  • Checking to see that the passers are waiting until ball is contacted before moving
  • Encouraging them to anticipate where ball will go

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